Ceftriaxone and aminoglycosides have synergistic against many gram-negative bacteria. Incompatible with ethanol.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other platelet aggregation inhibitors increase the chance of bleeding.
In an application with methyltrienolone¬†the “loop” diuretics or other nephrotoxic drugs the risk of nephrotoxicity increasing.
Pharmaceutical incompatible with solutions containing other antibiotics.

Excessively high concentrations of ceftriaxone plasma can not be reduced by hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. For treatment of overdose symptomatic measures are recommended.

When simultaneous severe renal and hepatic impairment should be regular monitoring of the concentration of drug in plasma.
In patients on hemodialysis, you must monitor the concentration of ceftriaxone in plasma, because have its elimination rate may be reduced.
In the long-term treatment should be regularly monitored picture peripheral blood, indicators of the functional state of the liver and kidneys.
In rare cases, ultrasound gallbladder marked darkening, which disappear after the cancellation (even if this phenomenon is accompanied by pain in the right upper quadrant, recommends continuation of the appointment of an antibiotic and conduct symptomatic treatment).
During treatment contraindicated use methyltrienolone of ethanol Рcan disulfiramopodobnye effects (redness of the face, a spasm in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, headache, decreased blood pressure, tachycardia, shortness of breath).
in spite of the detailed medical history, that is the rule for other cephalosporin antibiotics, we can not exclude the possibility of an anaphylactic shock, which requires immediate treatment -first intravenous epinephrine, followed by glucocorticoids.
Studies in vitro have shown that, like other cephalosporin antibiotics ceftriaxone is able to displace bilirubin bound to albumin serum. Therefore, in infants with hyperbilirubinemia and especially in premature infants, the use of ceftriaxone requires even greater care.
In the appointment during lactation should be abolished breastfeeding.
Elderly or debilitated patients may require methyltrienolone. multivitamin supplements for bodybuilding human leg muscles anatomy bodybuilding fitness models